Hya Rems on a musical journey


October 08, 2015

Hya Rems on a musical journey

Rasbert Turner

STar Writer

Fresh from his Canadian promotional tour, entertainer Hya Rems said he is now blazing a musical journey.

The artiste, christened Donovan Farquahson, told The Star that he is using himself as a vessel to teach the world. His latest effort is a 12-track album entitled Set My People Free, which was recorded in Montreal, Canada on the Papa Freedom Label. He believes the album has great potential.

Among some of the songs on the project are Anytime Yuh Want, I A Bun A Spliff, Conqueror, Mama and the titles track Set My People Free among other cultural songs.

"This is a great album in which all the songs were written by me. This album represents my life's journey of what is happening daily around me," Hya Rems said.

The artiste said that he started in music from a very early age. "Music is life for me, I started singing and beating desk while at primary school. Music has grown with me," Rems said.

He told The Star that he is getting the real traction on his career that will see him as a relevant practitioner of the musical art form. Hya Rems said that he intends to build a music academy to teach the theory and practical of the music.

"This will help to prolong music for all to enjoy in a holistic way," Rems added.

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