Bolt bashes Kartel copycats

October 22, 2015
Vybz Kartel

Legendary athlete Usain Bolt recently lashed out against artistes who are trying to imitate incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel.

During his short stint on the turntables at the recently concluded Uptown Mondays anniversary, Bolt classed the Vybz Kartel impersonators as blind mice.

According to 'DJ Usain', who selected a few songs alongside popular selectors Boom Boom and Foota Hype, the copycat artistes have failed to surpass Vybz Kartel's dominance on the dancehall scene.

"One likkle youth a try imitate the Gaza youth, mi nah call nuh name ... three blind mice, three blind mice. All when him incarcerate and a easy himself. When the boss come a road, hear mi a seh? I will be downtown for the Gaza Boss, hear mi seh," Bolt belted over the



The selectors sharing the stage with Bolt tried to get the athlete to call the names of the artistes who he regarded as impersonators. However, Bolt took the high road and continued to throw subliminal shots.

This is not the first time that the athlete has shown his respect for Vybz Kartel's musical skills. Bolt also gave a quick shout-out to Vybz Kartel, during the World Championships in 2009.

In a follow-up documentary, Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast, also released in 2009, Bolt again noted to interviewers that his favourite dancehall artiste was Vybz Kartel.

Vybz Kartel later told THE STAR that he had mutual respect for the all-time great athlete.

"Bolt is my dupes from morning. Remember Bolt is a youth who used to train up a Mona - dem time deh Vybz Kartel a wear jersey. He has been a fan from long time. Usain is a man who respect Kartel. Vybz Kartel is a man who respects Usain Bolt. He has seen the growth that Vybz Kartel has made and right now a just straight Gaza him a sey. A man in Africa knows who Usain is, they don't necessarily know about Gaza or the Portmore Empire. He's a big personality, and he gave a big-time big-up, and it was on one of the biggest stages," Vybz Kartel said.

Vybz Kartel won the STAR People's Choice Award for deejay of the Year in 2014, despite being in jail since Friday, September 30, 2011. His single, Nuh Trust People, also won Song of The Year for 2014.

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