Beenie, Mavado in feud?


November 10, 2015
Beenie Man
Beenie Man

Social media has been abuzz with news that there is an ongoing feud between Beenie Man and Mavado due to the lyrical jabs being thrown by the two artistes in recently released songs.

This comes after Beenie Man released a song titled, Think Me A Simma, which is said to be in response to Mavado's Money A Di Right Thing on DJ Frass' 'Wild Wild West' Rhythm.

In his song Mavado says, "Gully throw stone pon the glass house dem inna. Better if dem go chill like the doc and simmer."

This clearly did not go down well with Beenie Man, who believed Mavado was being disrespectful.

In his song, which was not officially released on the rhythm, Beenie Man refers to Mavado as a 'rapper groupie'.

"A who da bredda deh a chat / A couldn't me, but him say Doc / A weh do blacks, barber boy mi can tell yo something ... Dancehall a my empire, dancehall a my empire ... A weh do rapper groupie mi a shooty shooty / Informer works that a no mi duty / My war no sweet like tutti frutti / unleash the beast yo no see no beauty," Beenie Man says in his song.


Mavado, however, clearly did not take too kindly to this song as he followed up with several posts on his Instagram account.

"All dem a talk a to the wall dem a talk and my fans dem know it ... Don't worry about fools that waste time in this industry and now trying to make them last bread. Dem must be sick in them head," he said.

Beenie Man later followed up with a video, stating that he has been one of the top 10 artistes in Jamaica for the last 23 years and that he has no time to war with Mavado.

"If you call mi name the wrong way, I am going to answer you. No disrespect. The song nuh release because a find me find the rhythm pon Internet and do it. Unuh nuh tek it so serious," Beenie Man said in the video. "Me have a album a release, me nuh have no time fi war wid Mavado. Me just a make you know say you caan call me name inna the wrong way, cause me a go answer you. No disrespect."

Efforts to get an official comment from both artistes were unsuccessful.

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