Charlie Sheen admits he is HIV Positive

November 17, 2015

"It is a hard three letters to absorb. It is a turning point in one's life," said Charlie Sheen as he admitted to having human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

In a heavily publicised interview on the Today Show this morning, Sheen admitted that he found out about his HIV status four years ago after a series of signs and symptoms.

"It started with a series of cluster headaches and insane migraines and sweating the bed, completely drenched, two-three days in a row. I thought I had brain tumour, I thought it was over. After a battery of tests...they walked in the room and said 'boom'," Sheen recalled.

But why did he bring it to the media?

Sheen said that he has been a victim of blackmail since finding out about his health issue. He admitted that in order to keep a lid on it, he had to pay a number of persons.

"(I paid) enough to bring it into the millions. What people forget is that they are taking money from my children. I got five kids and a grand-daughter," he said.

He hopes that after opening up about his condition, it will no longer be used against him.

"I think I release myself from this prison today," he said.


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