Crazy Don making his mark


December 01, 2015
Contributed Krazy Don

"Mi tattoo mi madda name and mi gal name, plus mi dawta name alone gi di Don fame" are some of the words to Donnavan Morgan aka Krazy Don's new

single, Tattoo Needle.

The song was produced by Jameil 'Simba' Thompson for Rocstone Records and distributed by 21st Hapilos. It is a celebration of his affection for tattooing the names of his family members on his skin.

Family has always played an essential role in making Krazy Don the entertainer and the man he is today - from his grandmother that cared for him in Garland, St James to his two uncles, Ninja Turtle and Silver Turtle who introduced him to music at a tender age.

own songs

He started writing his own songs in 2006 when he wrote and recorded A nuh Teky, as a demo which he shopped to local stores, bus drivers and taxi drivers within St James.

He kept writing songs and eventually entered a talent show in his hometown called 'Must Buss' were he placed second.

In an effort to be successful he moved to Portmore in January 2014 where he was signed by upcoming recording group True Legends Music for which he officially recorded the single Mi Fi a Love Yuh, on the Party Central rhythm.

He recently signed a management agreement with Rocstone Records located in New York and has released two singles, the aforementioned Tattoo Needle and the sensual Bedroom Story on the In Due Time rhythm.

Both songs are creating a buzz on radio and in the streets. Krazy Don will be performing on December 31 at Gold Star Experience in Half-Way Tree Square.

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