Oliver Samuels honoured at Comedy Cook-up

December 30, 2015
Contributed After being honoured, comedy and theatre veteran Oliver Samuels (2nd right), shows his citation as he shares the stage with, from left, Owen 'Blakka' Ellis, Ity and Fancy Cat.

The 12th anniversary of Christmas Comedy Cook-up closed in fine style on Boxing Day as an icon in the industry was honoured.

Oliver Samuels was recognised by colleagues for his 40-year contribution to comedy. He ntered the stage to a standing ovation. The entire Pegasus Ballroom rose to its feet as the man who put Jamaican comedy on the international scene took centre stage.

Described as the undisputed King of Comedy, Samuels received a plaque from the organisers.

In the citation accompanying the award, Samuels was dubbed a legend and was praised for not only his accomplishments but for paving the way for other comedians. In their speech, Ity and Fancy Cat thanked Samuels for showing aspiring comedians that a career can be made from doing what they loved.

In his speech, Samuels thanked fellow colleagues for recognising his work and joked about them being smart and doing it before he passed.

He threw the title of legend that was bestowed on him back at his colleagues for continuing the great work they started 12 years ago, and encouraged them to continue.

Still delivering high-quality entertainment after 12 years, the show attracted an even larger crowd than usual.

dosage of laughter

The show started on time with Rozah Rose offering the opening number.

In his usual fashion, he delivered a good dosage of laughter. His witty remixes of popular songs had the audience in stitches. Leighton Smith served up another dose of laughter. Smith addressed several controversial issues on topics from politics to terrorism. Although he was addressing serious issues, his comedic twists had persons laughing so hard, they were close to tears. He made way for the first overseas act of the night, Yvonne Orji. Trevor Eastmond, Kathy Grant, Blakka Ellis, Ity and Fancy Cat and Trixx also put in great performances on the night. Shaggy provided the night's musical entertainment along with the Silver Bird Steel Pan band.

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