Cops unjustly detained me - Vershon taken into custody on birthday

January 04, 2016


Having completed a successful 2015, embarking on the music scene as a young up-and-coming dancehall artiste to watch, Vershon has revealed that this new year got off to a rough start.

THE STAR understands that the entertainer was recently detained and released a few hours after the police said that a car fitting the description of his motor vehicle was suspected to have been involved in a shooting incident.

It's alleged the entertainer, born Adrian Brian, was brought in for questioning by the Hunts Bay police.

According to the Inna Real Life singer, the police said that the occupants of a white Kingfish motor car had fired shots in the community of Cockburn Pen.

Vershon told THE STAR, "The police stopped me saying that they had got reports that shots were fired from a white Toyota Kingfish motor car, and they stopped my car in Cockburn Pen saying they had to take me in."

He continued, "I explained to them that I was an artiste, but they got aggressive and loud. I went with them and I was questioned for a few hours and then released. It was like the worst birthday ever."

Yesterday, when our news team contacted Head of St. Andrew South Police Division, Senior Superintendent Richard Stewart, he told THE STAR that he could not confirm the incident, but did not deny that it happened.

Meanwhile, Vershon recently made headlines when he declared that Sting 2015 may be his first and last.

The entertainer, who was scheduled to make an appearance on the show on Boxing Day, was upset that he did not get to perform, after the event ended prematurely.

He told THE STAR that although the show ended abruptly, his not performing was due to poor time management from Sting organisers.

Vershon is also known for popular singles such as Use To Hungry and Rough Up The World.

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