MP's dancing sparks debate - Social media weighs in on Warmington photo

February 11, 2016
Everald Warmington
Everald Warmington

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate for South West St Catherine, Everald Warmington, has come under attack from social media users after photos of him dancing with women at the nomination day celebrations surfaced on the Internet yesterday afternoon.

The photos show several women in a bent over position in front of Warmington, who has his hands around their waists and appears to be dancing.

Though it is not uncommon for men and women to dance in a position similar to the one in the photo, many social media users labelled the images inappropriate, especially because of Warmington's political status.

"That's the leader you want to represent you," one Facebook user questioned. "Now look at the picture and tell me what he is telling our young boys and girls," it continued.

"There is a child there watching. Not appropriate," said another.

While some users bashed Warmington for what they dubbed "unbecoming behaviour", others came to the politician's defence, stating that there was nothing wrong with the photo.

"U see me love di MP dem weh have fun look how di boss a enjoy di day wid di ppl dem," one user expressed.

"Mi a nuh green and mi nuh c nothing wrong with it everybody a enjoy dem self," said another.

In defending Warmington's actions, some users recalled an incident when the late Roger Clarke was photographed in a similar position in 2013.

"Anyone remember that Roger Clark had a woman in that same position ... Who remember?" one user questioned.

"Wats d big deal. Wen Roger dweet everybody laugh an big him up. Dem too hypocritical," another posted.

Warmington was registered as the official candidate for the JLP at the Electoral Offices in Old Harbour on Tuesday.

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