'Mi still love Chin' -Gully Bop says he's working on relationship with ex-fiancee

February 18, 2016
Chin Chin and Gully Bop
Gully Bop (left) and Chin Chin.

Dancehall artiste Gully Bob and ex-fiancée Chin Chin (formerly Shauna Chin) seem to have conflicting views on the status of their relationship, which again became a topic on social media after photos of the two surfaced earlier this week.

The photos show Bop and Chin embracing each other at the airport, an action which sent social media into a frenzy, as persons began speculating whether the two had rekindled their love. A video also surfaced moments after the photos were released which seemed to support a reunion.

In the video, Bop is heard saying, "All a di people dem weh a watch di likkle ting from wah day, mek mi tell unuh supm, a Chin and Bop dis again." He then proceeded to give Chin a kiss on the cheek.




When The STAR contacted Bop, he said he and Chin have been sorting through their problems.

"Yuh see di love weh me have fi Chin, it strong," he explained. "So all when me a say me and her nuh deh, a just talk mi did a talk true mi did hurt. When people hurt, dem say all kinda things. We are working things out. Chin have a good heart and me have a good heart, too. Something inna mi heart fi Chin weh nutten can stifle, so we just a gwaan tek things easy cause me love her and she love me."

When quizzed about the situation, Chin admitted that she still loved Bop, but she is not considering getting intimately involved with him again.

"I still love him and I want to see that things work out in his best interest, so right now, I'm just helping him out," she explained. "Mi tired a di puss and dog living, it nuh look good. So I'm working things out as it relates to our friendship, but I'm not looking to get back together with Bop."


"I am focused on my career right now. I'm not getting back into any relationship with Bop. The disrespect behind the scenes and in front of people is hard to get over. I can't deal with that (disrespect) anymore."

The up-and-coming entertainer said she has explained her stance to Bop several times, but says he refuses to accept it.

"Him miss me and the treatment him use to get, but when I was with Bop, one day everything alright and a next day him off, and mi caan deal wid that," she said.

Chin also told The STAR that she is helping Bop to find a new manager, as he and former manager Karl Durrant have parted ways. However, when contacted, Durrant denied having any such falling out before confirming that he was no longer Bop's manager.

"I spoke to Bop this morning (Wednesday) and he didn't say anything to me about that. I have 14 artistes that I officially represent. I did not sign Bop. He asked me to help him out when the whole Chin/padlock saga went down and I agreed. I have nothing against him and wish him all the best in the future," he told The STAR.

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