Gully Bop seeks overseas manager - says too many bad experiences with local people

February 29, 2016
Gully Bop

Dancehall artiste Gully Bop said he is tired of people taking advantage of him, especially those put in charge of managing his career.

A disappointed Bop told THE STAR that he is now contemplating leaving the island's shores in hopes of finding someone he can trust with his career.

The entertainer told THE STAR that he has had too many bad experiences with the local persons put in charge of his career and wants to now explore his options.

He claims that he has not been able to hold onto a manager because people are always trying to take advantage of him. "Everybody just want to use Bop and leave," he said. "Dem just a look out fi themselves and not my interests. Dem just want to take wat they can get, and I'm tired of it."

The deejay went on to reveal that he will be travelling overseas soon in hopes of finding a new manager. "Right now, a overseas me a look yah cause di people dem out here a users. It's time for me to look out for myself and, right now, that mean say mi affi look outside."

Bop said he is planning on travelling to Canada or the United States to find someone. Although he is adamant about finding someone outside of the country to manage his career, Bop has not totally given up on his people.

"It's not like mi a count out nuhbody because if me find somebody here weh really want fi help mi and not themself, den I will give them a chance, but right now, mi affi try somebody new," the deejay said.

The entertainer recently parted ways with manager Karl Durrant. Durrant had taken up the responsibility of managing the artiste after ex-fiance Chin Chin gave up the position following a nasty fall-out between the two. The relationship between Durrant and Bop, however, was short-lived.

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