Nesbeth praised for swearing-in performance

March 05, 2016
Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer Entertainer Nesbeth is embraced by Prime Minister Andrew Holness during his performance at the Swearing-In Ceremony on Thursday.
Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer Nesbeth performing at the Swearing In Ceremony for the Prime Minister at Kings House on Thursday.
Prime Minister Andrew Holness shares the stage with entertainer Nesbeth who performed at the swearing-in ceremony on Thursday.

A video of Nesbeth's performance at the swearing in ceremony for Prime Minister Andrew Holness has gone viral on Facebook.

The video that was uploaded to the artiste's official Facebook page on Thursday evening following the ceremony shows Nesbeth and Holness sharing the stage as he performed his hit, My Dream.

Since being uploaded the video has been viewed more than 100,000 times and has received more than 5,000 shares and 600 comments. The performance was a hit among Jamaicans, as not only did the newly appointed Prime Minister join the artiste on stage, but Holness also sang along to the lyrics of the song. Many Facebook users described the moment as a 'feel good' one with two men from humble beginnings realising their dreams.

"Andrew is a family man," one user posted. "For him to get up and sing with you it says that he's not the regular Prime Minister, he's down the earth and one of a kind, even when it should be all about him the moment was extended with you and all Jamaicans. You did well Nesbeth and I'm proud of my Prime Minister."

Not only were there comments praising both men for rising above their circumstances to fulfil their goals, but there was also an outpouring of support for Nesbeth who lost his wife on February 17.

Facebook users commended the artiste for finding the strength to deliver such a lively performance during his time of mourning.

"Big respect to Nesbeth for doing this performance. We all know he recently lost his wife to an illness and he is still in mourning, but took the time to give Hon. Andrew Holness a strength at his swearing in," one user commented.

When posting the video, Nesbeth himself spoke about the strength he had to conjure up to deliver such a performance on stage.

"This day will go down in history for many including I&I. Today I realised that the strength of a man comes from deep within," he wrote. "The task of performing during this time of grieving seemed liked an uphill task, but I thought about instilling hope in the people of Jamaica and that propel led me to perform. Then I came to realise we have two choices in times of adversity, hold on to our dreams and keep inching forward or allow our dreams to die."

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