Female artistes shine on 'Shanti' rhythm


November 12, 2016
Macka Diamond

US-based producer L.Razor of Straight Hit Records is now overwhelmed based on the response to the release of his first all-female rhythm, 'Shanti', which was distributed by VP Records on September 16.

"I never think this project would be as big as it is so soon, but what I know is I am giving it my all. I have to gain great success from it, and to see the outcome so far in just under a month of release is extraordinary tremendously beautiful," said L. Razor, noting that the album is currently making its mark on various charts.

The mixtape for the rhythm that was done by Cashflow Records also got more than 250 downloads on the first day of its release.

The rhythm compilation has eight female artistes, namely Macka Diamond, Tiana, Candiesha, Sekklez, Beme Mystique, Trudiva, Semonita, and Rhythm Piink.

"It's great to see a veteran artiste like Macka Diamond paving the way for these upcoming female artiste and embracing them. Even after they met on the video shoot, everyone still keeps the link and socialise" he said.

The medley music video is expected to be premiered on various television stations across the Jamaica, the Caribbean and New York within a week. .

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