'Think a Chattingz' gains momentum

December 28, 2016
Anthony Minott/photographer Shizzle Sherlock (left) and IceBerg (centre) with an extra doing a scene from the video

Hit-bound tune 'Think a Chattingz' is gaining momentum as a music video was shot for the song recently.

The video was directed by Icy Jace and produced by Dre Swade.

The song is a collaborative effort between Shizzle Sherlock and IceBerg, who is very appreciative of the attention he has received in recent times.

The song is also being played on international radio stations, including Radio G987fm.com of Canada and in New York on Hot 97 Radio.

The song is now viral on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram and the the much-anticipated video was also released.

The song is reportedly doing well in Canada, with radio stations and sound system operators adding it to their playlists.

Recently, a patron dished out $100,000 to request the song to be replayed in what is called a 'money pull-up' at Chrome Mondayz, a weekly event in Olympic Way.

Shizzle said that he's "happy" with the overwhelming response the song is getting, in recent time.

"Right now is some crazy booking we have being getting for overseas appearances and to do duplates, jingles and specials," he said.

'Chattingz' which means actions outdo words, was originally just a slang that came to life in Portmore by Shizzle Sherlock.

Within a month, people started to gravitate to the slang and it swamped the streets in early November.

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