Mr Easy wants to replicate success with 'Gone A Lead'

March 23, 2017
Mr Easy

While Mr Easy acknowledges that it was 14 years ago that his hit Drive Me Crazy was released, he is now seeking to chart a similar successful course with his new song, Gone A Lead.

In a recent interview, he told THE STAR "Every artiste work towards and want a song like Drive Me Crazy that propels you at all times. You can just get up tomorrow and it changes your life over and over again."


Global hit


The track, released in 2003, was a global hit and has even been featured as a movie soundtrack. Mr Easy returned to Jamaica recently and hooked up with top producer Notnice for the first time, and together they fused talents to record his latest single, Gone A Lead, on the 'Wicked Up' rhythm.

"Gone A Lead is doing really well. Getting a lot of play locally. It's getting good feedback abroad, too, but you know once it's doing well locally, it's better," he said.

An official music video for the song is also in rotation.

According to Mr Easy, the buzzing single has the potential to break big. He said he would also be putting in the work necessary to aid the process.

When asked about his seeming hiatus from music he told THE STAR "I have been recording, enuh. Music is a thing that goes full circle. You can't stop recording until you get that vibe that is going to bring yuh back. I always stayed current doing other songs that probably never create any waves in Jamaica but elsewhere."

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