Nash Wear styling dancehall

March 29, 2017
Dancer DaniiBoo sporting Nash Wear.
Nashanda, aka Nash Wear, in one of her creations, at a recent party.
Nikki Chromazz in a Nash Wear desgin

Designer Nashanda, the creator of Nash Wear brand has been making her mark as a designer. She designs, cuts and sew her creations which makes her quite unique.

Her genesis in the field came by chance as she considers herself a fashionista who wasn't getting what she wanted when she needed it.

"Well I usually ask someone to make my fits. But I couldn't always get what I want  so I just decided I am gonna start doing it myself," she explained.

Her creations includes, swimwear, sports wear, lingerie, dresses, pants and blouses, in various styles and fashion. 

Recently, popular dancer, DaniiBoo sported a red hot skin-hugging outfit designed by Nash Wear at Dancehall Love, a party celebrating the genre in Drewsland.

Popular dance diva, Nikki Chromazz has worn one of Nash Wear's designs at the popular Kingston 5 party recently. 

The young designer has been a part of the fashion world for the past three years. 

"My biggest accomplishment is getting my name more out there and more people knowing about me," she said. "People now see me in dancehall I say wow, its Nash Wear, she's making outfits that makes a statement."

Nashanda said she saw herself doing some runway shows across the world in a few years.

It's a dream of mine and I will fulfil it." The curvy designer said she owes much to male designer and tailor Brand Marco for her success as she usually watched how he did his craft and learnt from those experiences.

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