Mackeehan tackles crime on new single

May 10, 2017

Talented reggae artiste Mackeehan has released a brand new single that addresses issues of crime and violence and its effects on Jamaica and its citizens.

The social commentary track, Murda, is written by Mackeehan and uniquely details the Jamaican reality of death, police brutality, and guerrilla warfare in communities ruled by crime.

The single is extremely sobering and deviates from most of the material Mackeehan has released previously, which focused on love and relationships.

"I want Murda to be what helps to open people's eyes to the reality that we need to live more for each other and stop being so aggressive towards our brothers and sisters," Mackeehan said.

The track is also the first single off Mackeehan's debut album Time and Patience, set for official release later this year.

The project, already 99 per cent complete, is to be released under US-based label Kong Star Records, to which Mackeehan is now officially signed.

The full-length project will be geared at showcasing the artiste and uplifting new and existing fans with positive messages.

"Growing up in the ghetto for me was a real roller-coaster experience and so with this album, I want persons going through hardships to be uplifted and motivated," Mackeehan added

The 14-track project will also feature collaborations with known reggae acts such as Chevaughn and Duane Stephenson, as well as dancehall heavyweight Busy Signal.

Time and Patience reflects Mackeehan's patience in ensuring the project would be the best representation of his growth as an artiste.

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