Munga to spend two more weeks in jail before court appearance

June 06, 2017
Munga Honourable

The murder case against entertainer Munga Honourable has been pushed back to June 21 to allow the judge enough time to familiarise herself with the matter.

Attorney Christopher Townsend, who is representing the artiste, told THE STAR that Munga was not granted bail.

"The judge was unable to hear a bail application because the matter is new before her. She just received the preliminary report, which gives an indication of the allegations against him," Townsend said.

Munga is charged with the murder of Cleveland Smith. He is also facing charges of illegal possession of firearm in relation to the same incident.

The DJ, who was clad in a white shirt and grey pants, appeared calm as he was being led back in hand cuffs to the holding area to be transported to the Hunts Bay Police Station where he is being held.

Attorney Christopher Townsend

When asked how the entertainer is handling the situation, Townsend said, "he is confident in the judicial system and confident of an acquittal. He wants to have his day in court."

Townsend said that he intends to make a bail application on June 21.

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