Day Rave Thursdays is not a freaky party - Hotta Rice

June 15, 2017
Hotta Rice

Popular promoter Hotta Rice has distanced himself from a video which has been circulating on the Internet featuring two ladies performing anilingus, which is oral sex of the rectum, at an event.

THE STAR was told that the controversial video was filmed during a popular event called Day Rave. However, Hotta Rice, who hosts an event called Day Rave Thursday at Greenwich Farm, Kingston 13, is making it clear that his event should not be confused with Day Rave, despite sharing a similar name.

"Their event is called Day Rave, and mine is called Day Rave Thursday. My event is one where people come out and enjoy themselves. Last week, Marvin danced on an old car and it went viral, and those are the type of fun we deliver. We are not freaky. What happened at that other event is not dancehall, and that is not what Day Rave Thursday represents," he said.

The promoter says persons have been calling constantly to find out what is taking place at his event, and he wants to set the record straight.

"A lot of artistes come to my event and give their support, and we have never had no type of stigma. I want to let people know that I don't want to be mixed up, because that would not look good for my event. People all over the world want to come to my event for dancehall, and what we saw in that video is not dancehall. The next event is just called Day Rave, but mine is a weekly party and we only give happiness and help develop young artistes," he said.

Hotta Rice last made headlines in 2016 when a plane from the Caribbean Aviation Training Centre crashed in his backyard, killing its trainee pilot.

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