Knavi Ikon sparks zodiac sexual debate

June 16, 2017
Knavi Ikon

Recording artiste Knavi Ikon is celebrating the relative success of his single '12 Signs', which controversially predicts the sexual prowess of women based on the month in which they were born.

According to the artiste, he had sex with 12 separate girls in order to draw inspiration for the record. The song, which is now viral on Facebook, has been shared by social media vlogger Rawpa Crawpa. The song was also endorsed by Sly & Robbie, who gave clearance for Knavi Ikon to use the Murder She Wrote instrumental for the single.

"It's basically about the horoscope, like the love horoscope in The Gleaner, but this one is not about financial thing and astrology. This is about sex horoscope. It's about the girls and their signs, and how they vary during sex as it relates to their signs. I wrote this song from real-life experience, a very long experience. I am always reading, so putting this together wasn't that hard," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The song began to grow in popularity online, since the topic was able to initiate a conversation between viewers. Some either agreed with the lyrics or disagreed based on their own sexual experiences. Knavi Ikon believes superstition, coupled with society's gravitation to sex, makes the record a hit among music lovers.

"People have begun to separate themselves into Team Taurus, Capricorn, etc, and there have been spicy conversations under the video. Within over a month, I received over 200,000 views. Those are good numbers for a young artiste," he said.

As for Sly & Robbie's support of the project, the deejay said his team paid the rhythm legends a personal visit.

"Since we remade Sly & Robbie's rhythm and uploaded the song on Rawpa Crawpa's page, people have begun to feel the song. We met in person and I told them we were looking to sample their rhythm, and they gave us their blessing. They liked the concept and the idea, so it was a go for us.

The reggaeton-dancehall sound is running the place right now, but my decision to record on that rhythm was total coincidence, because I originally did the song as a freestyle and not for an official release," Knavi Ikon said, adding that he will be launching a social media challenge to decide which sign is the best.

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