Sample clearance delays Chronixx release - Chronology out worldwide on July 7

June 16, 2017

Chronixx's debut album, 'Chronology', will be released on July 7 instead of June 30 as originally planned. At a listening event for the 16-track set (including bonus track 'I Know Love') at Anchor Studios, Windsor Avenue, in St Andrew, on Wednesday evening, he played the entire set for a group of invited persons, giving insight into the album's making.

Chronixx explained that the slight delay was caused because samples needed to be cleared before the release of the project.

Distributed by Virgin/Universal, it is on the Soul Circle imprint. As expected, it will be available on CD and via downloads and streaming, but Chronology will also be released on vinyl.




Sitting at the mixing board in the studio, before pressing play, a smiling Chronixx introduced the album as "a very experimental part of myself that sometimes I try to suppress".

"Everybody ready? Have on your bulletproof?" he asked. He confessed to being nervous, saying: "This is nerve-racking. This is the most nervous I have been sharing music."

That feeling was because, Chronixx said, "I am sharing music with people I respect. Is genuine music lovers in the room."

Chronology starts on a familiar note with Spanish Town Rocking, followed by the only collaboration on the set, Big Bad Sound, which features Chronixx's father, Chronicle. The sounds were not unexpected through Skankin Sweet, Ghetto Paradise, Country Boy, Smile Jamaica and I Can, but the experimental sounds began in earnest with the eighth song, Selassie Children.

After that came Black Is Beautiful, Majesty, Loveliness, Likes, Tell Me Now, Legend, and Christina before the bonus track.

Chronixx spoke about a number of Jamaican music producers whose work he listened to, including "a lot of Donavon Germaine production, a lot of Mikey Bennett production", and the place he wants to have in Jamaican popular music.

He said that he wants to be part of its continuity, maintaining a flow and standard from generation to generation. And, as an example, Chronixx referenced The Maytals' Bam Bam, highlighting how much influence it has had on music, generally.

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