Shane O stole my style - deejay claims

January 18, 2018
Shane O

Up-and-coming deejay Mr Khool is accusing Shane O of stealing his song 'Jah Know Jah Know' and using it to make up his hit single 'Last Days'.

According to the Manchester-based artiste, he was the first person to release a single called Jah Know in 2016 with a concept similar to that of Shane O's song.

"I sang about a few friends that I lost and he sang about death, and then there are the Jah Know Jah Know lines. His fans are attacking me online but they really don't know the story. I know persons will take his side because he is a more popular artiste than I am," Mr Khool said.

The deejay told THE STAR that he is not seeking attention or trying to create any animosity, but would appreciate if Shane O admitted that he reconstructed parts of the song.

"I must admit that you did it justice, and it is doing well. He did a good job at it but I still have to talk about it," he said.

When THE STAR contacted Shane O, he declined to comment on the matter.

He has scored with Last Days since its release late last year. Released on the Damage record label, the song has racked up over 500,000 views on YouTube.

Produced by Jimmy Ricks on the JA Story rhythm for Insight Records, Mr Khool's Jah Know is his first one drop reggae recording.

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