Dancehall fans show loyalty with fashion

January 31, 2018
Feeling 'Unruly'? No need for bad behaviour. Just rep in a hooded sweatshirt by Popcaan.
Just like dancehall music is a staple in Jamaica's culture, the black T-shirt, for example this one from the Konshens brand, is a staple of men's fashion.
Go loud, just like the music from 4th Genna artistes.
Whichever label/artiste you're loyal to, there is head gear to fit anyone.

Dancehall artistes establish themselves as trendsetters influenced by the rhythms of that genre and reggae, and drawing inspiration from everyday street slangs.

Artistes and clothing brands are constantly collaborating, but nowadays it is all about who you represent and who represents you.

As recording artiste Konshens says, "we are international brands, and it's good to be connected with our fans as much as possible and on as many levels as possible."

And fashion is one of those levels.

Day-to-day casual wear of Popcaan's Unruly, 4th Genna and Konshens' brands help with the promotion of new music, and, in turn, gets the word out on the streets in faster time.

"People wah rep fi we too, and feel like they are a part of our movement," Konshens said.

Music and fashion are a casual connection, born from the same place of creativity. So it's just fitting that the t-shirts, hooded jackets and hats are available under one roof at D'Pop Up Shop in Constant Spring Arcade.

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