Weh Dem Up To – Kid Kurup is all grown up

March 23, 2018
Kid Kurup

Javon Rodney, known popularly as the '90s dancehall deejay Kid Kurup, is a former member of the Dutty Cup Crew, which was popular during that era.

Looking back, he said that they were "a group of artistes with raw talent, but didn't have an idea of what [they] were doing."

"We were just working off the brand in an effort to keep the brand alive, and as one individual got successful, it became dependent on him, but it did not work because there was no original plan in place," he said.

He is featured on Sean Paul's album The Trinity with the song Change the Game.

But he said that the single that changed his career was Sake a Dat Gyal on the Egyptian rhythm produced by Greensleeves Records as it got him a recording contract. He is also popular for Shani, recorded on Renaissance Disco's Rebirth rhythm.

Kid Kurup said that while his career has not outgrown the local music industry, he is weary of the injustices observed throughout his career.

"Too much thief inna dancehall. I am just tired of being robbed by my fellow producers. That is why it is important for upcoming artistes to sort out their contracts before recording," he said.

The dancehall deejay told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is dealing with legal issues involving the record company he is signed to but once that bridge is crossed, there is hope to sign with another label.

One of the strategies Kid Kurup has utilised is a name change to Uncle Mucks, reflecting the slang 'duttily muckily', which he is notorious for repeating in recordings.

"I decided to use Uncle Mucks because of problems where the name 'Kurup' is tied up, but it is also to show maturity," he said. Nonetheless, the stage name Kid Kurup has stuck with him.

His recording career is not on pause. He continues to push the 2017 calypso dancehall single Gyal a Wine, a project with Trinidadian producer Jr Dillinger, on social media, and Questions, was released a month ago.

"The carnival season has a lot to do with the production," he said. "That's where the idea to fuse calypso and dancehall came from. My plans for this year have been focused on reinventing myself, to do different kinds of music and venture into other markets."

He received backlash following rumours about the relationship with his entertainer girlfriend Devina Burns (who is also the mother of his son). But he told THE WEEKEND STAR, "As a man, I accepted my wrong and moved on."

He continued: "I started to focus on my son and made sure I kept a relationship with God so I could repent for the wrong things I did."

The deejay is content with doing everything independently at the moment. He expressed an interest in collaborating with Jah Cure, Jah Vinci and Sanchez, and there are also plans to start a natural juice


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