Star Fashion: Fitting shoes into carnival

April 04, 2018
This Xaymaca babe seemed quite comfortable in her boots while 'chipping' down the road last year.
This reveller was having quite a bit of fun during the Bacchanal Jamaica Road March last year.

Costume - check. Make-up artist - check. Hair and nails - check. Shoes?

One element that revellers may or may not pay much attention to during carnival is footwear.

The attention we are referring to does not necessarily mean matching the colour of the shoe with the costume. Proper fitting shoes make all the difference whether you plan to walk for half-hour or 10 hours during the carnival road march on Sunday.  

Brianna Plowright, business entrepreneur and part owner of the two-year-old online store Tropic Soles, said that based on the demand this year, many person seem to be pairing their costumes with sneakers or boots although there are revellers that choose to wear heels or strappy sandals.

“With all the jumping, it is important that patrons do all that is required to reduce the impact when their feet hit the ground,” said Plowright.

As part of their business aim, Tropic Soles decided to focus on shoes that provide not only style but also maximum comfort.

“We refused to order any block heeled boots which is a common favourite. The effect these heels could potentially have on our customers would have been detrimental. Since doctors have warned against the wearing heels, we had to practise social responsibility by eliminating this style from our footwear line,” Plowright told THE STAR.

According to Angela Davis, a podiatrist at Manuchant Medical: “The key thing is to wear a pair of running sneakers or cross trainers and persons need to make sure it is a wide enough fit with suitable space to wiggle their toes but not too much.”

Davis said that revellers who are just now purchasing shoes for the day should walk with the stocking and a pair of cotton socks to test the comfort level of the footwear. There is no such thing as breaking them in before playing mas.

“A gap of about one centimetre from the tip of toe and end of the shoe is essential. Never go bare foot in the sneaker and avoid acrylic (false) nails to prevent toe bucking injuries,” said Davis.

Removable insoles come highly recommended by some professionals, especially to persons who have already purchased boots or sneakers that do not have that element of support for the arch, toes and the entire foot, as shock absorption is important with all the jumping involved in carnival.

The experts also recommend that both males and females consider getting the right fit, as well as take precautions against blisters caused by extreme heat, friction and moisture.

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