Lisa Hyper serious about drug kingpin alter ego

April 05, 2018
Lisa Hyper

With the aim of making a special mark in dancehall, entertainer Lisa Hyper has decided to take on an alter ego.

"Different characters show how much you stand out," she told THE STAR.

The female recording artiste released the Griselda Blanco mixtape last November, but what many dancehall followers did not know is that the name given to the compilation of her work is that of a devious Colombian drug kingpin.

The Miami Herald stated that Blanco had been credited with inventing the idea of the 'motorcycle assassin' who rode by victims and sprayed them with bullets, and she, ironically, suffered the same fate in 2012. Griselda Blanco was known as a pioneer in the underground drug trade in Miami and spent almost 20 years behind bars for her crimes, including murder.

Lisa Hyper has explained that despite the reputation of Blanco, she did not intend to take on a violent personality, but, instead, show her hardcore side.




"From my perspective, Griselda Blanco was a persistent female that endured a lot, but at the end of the day still persevered, no matter what it took. She did what she had to do to survive," Lisa Hyper told THE STAR.

The Boss Up deejay said that the alter ego is one of six that she has.

"It is a natural thing. Even if I wasn't an entertainer, I believe I would have alter egos. There are about five or six sides to me; I am Felecia Gooden, Lisa Hyper, Griselda Blanco, a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend, and the list goes on," she said.

She continued: "Sometimes I feel like putting on a pretty dress and wearing my hair down, and other times, [I want] to put on a pair of Timbaland boots. At one point in my career (during her stint in Gaza Empire), I started to take on the attitude of a male. All I did was wear a tough shell and Clarks to hold a firm footing as the opposite sex."

Even though it may come off as slightly schizophrenic to some critics, Lisa Hyper believes it can only benefit other female, artistes to have an alter ego in order to maintain control over emotions and show strength.

Meanwhile, Lisa Hyper recently paid tribute to her mentor, Lady Saw (now Minister Marion Hall), at 100 Live and is preparing to leave for Florida in a few weeks for a video shoot. Then, it's on to Hollywood, California, and New York for shows before returning to the island, where she will do the music video for her single Gone A Work, produced by Blaqk Sheep and released in February.

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