Ishawna teams up with 'Dear Dream'

April 18, 2018

Social media gossip page Dear Dream has partnered with controversial female recording artiste Ishawna for her newest single, 'Hide Mi ID'. The single, which is trending on YouTube, has dancehall fans speculating that the song is about fellow recording artiste Yanique Curvy Diva and cricketer Marlon Samuels.

THE STAR contacted Dear Dream via Instagram and immediately received a response.

"Social media went into a frenzy, and everyone started speculating about who the song was about. The song was recorded last year, but it was released last week," said Dear Dream.

There are two active Dear Dream pages on Instagram with more than 150,000 followers combined. The single makes a direct connection to the gossip page as 'hide mi ID' is the main request of persons who submit stories or comments about hot topics.

"When it comes to the music business in Jamaica, there aren't a lot of female producers, and Dear Dream felt it was time to make an impact within the music industry," Dear Dream said.

Dear Dream shared that local music label College Boiz Production was contacted to create a rhythm that was unique, and the outcome was more than satisfactory. The song was ready a day after Ishawna's team was contacted.

"There are several guys on Instagram that look attractive and appealing based on their social media page. The Instaboy song [by Ishawna] was released last year, and Hide Mi ID is a follow-up song to that. The song, the release date and the lyrics, to Dear Dream's knowledge, have nothing to do with Yanique or the icon (Marlon Samuels)."

However, the lyrics for Hide Mi ID make it easy for persons to speculate.

In the song, Ishawna says, "Mi buck inna him profile when mi deh pon IG a browse/ Hear say him have a big b***y gyal but nuh care/ Mi a tek him weh proud. Mi a guh bat weh him ball and lick him fi six."

However, Dear Dream said: "Ishawna is just speaking about the new man in her life and making comparisons about her ex, and we all can relate when we move on from someone and are happy."

The song is released at a time when Yanique Curvy Diva is dealing with lawsuit threats from the cricketer. When the artiste's management team was contacted regarding Hide Mi ID, it was said that the Lifestyle singjay was not interested in making a comment. However, the team stressed that she will not be making a song to bash other females. Instead, it is said that she will be focusing on promoting her new single, Carry Feelings.

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