STAR of the Month: Etana links the two R's, Rastafari and reggae

May 10, 2018

The idea that the messages of Rastafari spreads reggae to the world, and vice versa, has become virtually accepted in the global markets.

It is not uncommon for local reggae artistes to be questioned about their religious beliefs and often the answer is that Rastafarianism is of some influence.

STAR of the Month, Etana, shares what she considers to be connection between the two Rs.

"Rastafarian is defined by the majority by the outer appearance of a person and the message in a song, but for me a Rasta is defined by the work of one through his or her life's journey; it is a way of life, the way you treat the body that cases the soul, and how one treats everyone around them," Etana said.

The Billboard-charting recording artiste has been recognised for her use of reggae rhythms infused with R&B, jazz, soul and her own style to share her thoughts.




That's all because Etana believes in the positive vibrations that reggae is known to have or create.

"It's the vibration between the person and what the passion or intent means to the person who makes the utterance. Words spoken make a sound, and from that sound comes power," Etana said.

According to Etana, Rasta is not prejudiced but is instead about the unification and development of the black nation. It then takes into consideration the loving, caring and sharing with each other, taking care of the poor, the sick, the young and the old.

Similarly, "Reggae music is about life, the struggles and triumphs of the people, love, unity and the redemption of those under oppression. Reggae is positive, it is meant to send positive vibrations".

She said that the genre is about the story, and that is how both Rs become intertwined.

"In addition, I continue to acknowledge [in my life and for my music] that we all see the world differently through our own eyes, based on the diverse cultures and environments in which one was raised," she said.

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