'Throwing shade' with exciting lip colours

May 16, 2018
Red lipsticks can make quite the statement.
Subtle lip colours that grab attention work wonders.
It's not uncommon for persons to throw shade with their lipsticks.
Turn heads for sure with purple lipsticks.
It's OK to 'Go Undercover' with your lipstick.
It might be time to 'Get To The Point'.

Nowadays, it's normal for females to take to social media and pass a rude remark about other persons, leaving their followers wondering who it was directed at. This has been coined as 'throwing shade'. It is almost immediately obvious to onlookers that the aim is to catch some amount of attention, but why not do it with a little more class and style? As summer approaches, dare to talk some smack with lip colours that say, 'It's OK. I'm just throwing some shade'.


Slick Lip


A shade of pink (rose, baby, magenta) is like the national colour for the girlie girl. It is sleek and adds to the entire sexy wink and long-lashed stare flirtatious females are known for.


Statement Red


The classic colour that never goes out of style red. It is all about the bold look. It is a standard rule that every woman should own a red lipstick. It makes one feel confident to make a red-hot fiery statement. There's just something that is tempting about the colour. Wine reds also fall in this category.


Get To The Point


These may not be colours for every female, but blue definitely speaks out aloud like Spice's 'gal go a yuh yard' comment to Jasmine on Monday night's episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. It is a colour that the So Mi Like It recording artiste-turned-reality TV star wears regularly. Meanwhile, black is straight to the point and easily screams 'I am black and I am proud'. Black or blue throws more than shade, it goes right to the punch.


Purple Rain


How often have you heard females dismissing each other about their worth? Well, this summer, continue to make it rain with royal shades of purple.


Go Under cover


Day or night, dress up or dress down, nude to brown lip colours work. It's always good to have options that blend or provide contrast with your skin tone.


Talking Politics


In this case, the colours of power or shower won't stir up any issues within the parties, but it will definitely turn some heads. In the '90s it was normal to see dancers and entertainers like Dancehall Queen Carlene donning bright sun-kissed orange lips and earthy to shocking greens. These colours are slowly creeping back into the light.

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