Dovey Magnum says Chozenn chose wrong - Feels he should have picked different song

June 09, 2018
Dovey Magnum

After gospel artiste Chozenn did what some consider a controversial remake of her popular song 'Bawl Out', Dovey Magnum has finally addressed the issue.

The dancehall artiste believes that her December 2017 single, Prayer Mi Use and Win, which was released after she nearly died in a car accident one month before, would have been a better fit for Chozenn's target audience based on appropriate lyrics and flow.

"If he really wanted to make a more wholesome impact, he would have acknowledged my new single Prayer Mi Use and Win, instead of Bawl Out," she said. "I respect gospel music and respect my fans. When I recorded Prayer Mi Use and Win it was to thank God for delivering me through the accident."

Dovey Magnum has since recovered from the accident and is enjoying travelling for her Bawl Out tour in the US.

However, she is not enjoying the fact that dubplates have surfaced with a copy cat's recording of Bawl Out.

Information on the selector and sound mentioned in the dubplate was sought after an order for further investigations to be carried out.

The Bawl Out artiste is now making it clear that her management team, Tephlon Entertainment, is the only authorised body to conduct business on her behalf.

The single has stirred up quite a few controversies since its release in September of last year.


Dovey told The STAR that the single, despite the issues with fake dubplates, has been a blessing in disguise.

"While the love and support as a result of the single's success is greatly appreciated, I do want to set the record straight. First, my management team based in the United States is the only authorised body to conduct business on my behalf, therefore legal action will be taken in cases of unauthorised dubplates and/or bookings," said Dovey.

She made it clear that she has no interest in mix-up at this time and is focused on her music.

She said: "I have been hitting the charts hard and I am getting a lot of bookings. I have no time to deal with anything outside of work. The only thing I want now is for people to know that there will be serious consequences to mimicking my dub plates".

The artiste and her management team launched a weeklong online competition yesterday, that gives children a chance to win US$50 gift vouchers to purchase school supplies.

Children ages six to 12 years old must submit a one-minute video singing Prayer Mi Use and Win.