Chakra aims to be next De La Vega star

June 13, 2018

Spanish Town has had an impact on 39-year-old Roger Aspinall, who goes by the name Chakra.

The reggae artiste, who grew up in the De La Vega City community, describes his upbringing as a 'rough college' for entertainers.

Chronixx also spoke of the wider St Catherine parish in a similar fashion.

"Relatives used to quiz me all the time or pay me to guess the artiste especially with music that came out of the community; Dirtsman, Papa San, Lady G was roun' di corner and my house was behind Wickerman house," Chakra told The STAR.

Other notable figures, actress Grace Jones, deejays Lieutenant Stitchie, Lutan Fyah and D'Angel, athletes and entertainers hail from the parish.

This is one of Chakra's motivations to continue on his path of recognition.

"It is nice to know somebody that you grew up with has made an impression on the global stage. Spanish Town, De La Vega is the place to find talent," said Chakra.

He said he used to watch reggae artistes like Chronixx take pride in the simple pleasures of growing up in the middle-class community, but explains that the gun violence that has crept in is burdening.

The reggae artiste expressed that the presence of these entertainers and personalities is needed in De La Vega to make a change.

Although he migrated seven years ago, his visits are mainly for engaging youth from his home through music.

"People respect reggae coming out of Jamaica, but if you not big with the people and artistes here then it becomes a challenge; if I should do my reggae song I still have to bring it to the heart of reggae," he said.

Chakra is currently working on the music video for his upcoming single, Smile.

"My writing style is usually to send a message that people of all generations can understand, especially upliftment," he said.

He said he found his style while interacting with other artistes like Lutan Fyah at Buju Banton's Gargamel Music Studio but did not find his voice until after.

"That interaction was also inspiring, because back in school when people used to play an instrument or sing a tune I used to deejay Buju's tunes as my work," he said. "Legends like him and Bob Marley are of great influence for me."

Chakra added that one of the biggest lessons he has learnt from the two artistes is to allow your work to accumulate wealth for the next generations.

"The best thing I have done is to license and manage a label for myself so my offspring can benefit," he said.

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