Tarnado still trying to make big moves

June 15, 2018
Stephanie Lyew photo Tarnado

As a recording artiste, Dervin 'Tarnado' Grant is probably one of the humblest you will ever meet. At age 16, Tarnado entered a recording studio and worked on a debut single, but he says that his immaturity at that time affected many things.

"Them time deh me did young. Over the years, me learn fi just build on everything. You pay your dues and pave your way," Tarnado told THE WEEKEND STAR.

He assumed many roles first as a deejay, then songwriter, and promoter of events and the work of his colleagues. Tarnado has collaborated with some of dancehall's influencers, releasing singles such as Footloose, Swagg Like This, If I Said I Loved You and Forty Strong with Ovamars, Bounty Killer, Bugle and Wayne Marshall, respectively. While these names are well known on the global stage, Tarnado is still awaiting his big break on the international music charts.

"I have never felt discouraged by the accomplishments of other artistes. When you give them a strength, you give them full strength, whether it be helping to write a bad single or push out them music. When your time come round, you can look and say you work hard for it and deserve it," he said.

The Nannyville native has remained close to home, investing as much as he can in recording music and showcasing positive facets of the community he grew up in. One of Tarnado's known tracks, Killa Swing, was recorded there with colleague and neighbour Ding Dong. This was just one of the many productions done in the area.

"Even if a just piece of a video, a forever my place that because it has a musical energy and many artistes, even people a road, come shoot video in Nannyville. Dancing, deejaying and party a uplift the community. The best place to be a star is in my own home, where people used to me," he said.

Tarnado said that even when he gives music and entertainment a break, it never leaves him, as music has become a way of life. And despite the slow rise, he remains on the promotion trail for his new single, No Problem, that was produced by Riddim Nation.

The deejay also said that he still does shows here and there, maybe not as big as the Sting, Fully Loaded or Champions in Action stages he used to 'mash up' back in the day, but he said that he can definitely be found stirring up a dance with his No Problem lyrics and the dance move by Elite Dance Crew in hopes of making whirlwind moves on the dancehall scene this year.

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