Eco-tourism project promotes local artiste

June 18, 2018
Marlon Spencer, otherwise called Lifechild.

As a teenager, Marlon Spencer's body was chemically poisoned by a mysterious substance. He became terribly ill and it put a strain on his family. The source of the chemical was never discovered.

Today he is alive to tell the story of what helped him to get over the whole ordeal. For this, he accepted the name Lifechild.

"Nothing came out of it in terms of finding out why my organs failed. I was hurting more than healing. That is how I found art and art found me," said Lifechild.

He started out with jewellery-making and other visual arts at age 19. Soon after he branched out into painting.

Lifechild's work with the paint medium can be seen along the sidewalk murals on Fleet Street, Kingston. Now he is on a mission to show how art has healing powers while adding value to eco-tourism locations.

"It is really important that I do this. Art is something that allows people to heal. I am living proof of that," he said.

Lifechild has launched Art Evolution, a project that entails doing murals in locations that can benefit from the spiritual enlightenment that comes with an artistic space.

Already through two phases, the Bay View Eco Resort and Spa in Portland has benefitted from the Lifechild's designs along its perimeter wall.

According to the proprietor, Gordon Townsend, he met Lifechild in a series of unrelated events but the meaningful coincidence led him to agree to have Lifechild use his property as the launch pad.

"I had observed the work of a few students at the Edna Manley College and was also impressed with the work on Fleet Street and West Kingston; it was similar to an experience of seeing cities like Cuba grow in the world of fine art," said Townsend.

He continued: "I thought to myself, 'I would like to get in touch with and artist, and one night Lifechild walked on to my veranda'."

He said that many visitors stop to take pictures and observe the wall now.

The resort is dubbed a green area, surrounded by 3,000 acres of rainforests and cold water springs that already forms part of the experience and the wall murals add to the attractions with its bright colours, Afrocentric designs and positive messages.

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