Jamaican clients inspire designer bodies

June 20, 2018
Shauna Chyn

It is not uncommon for people considering plastic surgery to take inspirational stories or images to their preliminary consultation, said Michelle Garcia, head representative for Designer Bodys, that has worked on numerous local and international celebrities.

Designer Bodys, an online community and cosmetic surgery company operating out of the Dominican Republic, has collected data to determine the most-requested celebrity features and the level of satisfaction from those who have gone under the knife.

"The most requested surgery procedures are those that will give a flatter stomach, smaller waist and enhancements on the hips and bottom - such as the tummy tuck, liposculpture and the infamous 'BBL', that is the Brazilian butt lift," Garcia said.

From data collected, she said the most popular inspirations are Puerto Rican Internet model Bernice Burgos and Jamaican Sher Luxury Doll, who is an ambassador for Designer Bodys. Shauna Chyn has also sought their professional services.

"Cosmetic surgery has given some female social media influencers and those in the entertainment industry a boost in their careers, so it is becoming a very popular lifestyle choice," she said. "As a public figure, they need to look their best whether through a general healthy lifestyle, gym usage or going down the route of cosmetic surgery; it is part of the brand they are promoting."

Sher Luxury Doll, who has been sporting her breast lift and liposculptured body, told The STAR, "It makes me feel happy to know females all over the world desire my look."

She added, "My Instagram inbox is filled with messages from females asking me questions about Designer Bodys."

Garcia said Caribbean persons find it easier to travel to and from the Dominican Republic as there is no hassle to get a US visa.

"We have clients, whether in groups or individuals, travelling from all over the Caribbean islands daily to have surgery here; it has become a very popular destination," said Garcia.

She said about 70 per cent of their clients have been from Jamaica or are of Jamaican descent.

"We have a lot of Jamaicans come in from different countries. So much so that now we do a Jamaican menu at our new recovery house," Garcia continued.

Despite all the glamour of the finished product, Garcia stressed that cosmetic surgery is not an overnight journey.

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