STAR of the Month: Shane O regrets getting his tattoos

June 20, 2018
STAR of the Month Shane O shows off his heavily tattooed left arm.

Shane O first got inked at the age of 27. The tattoo was a dedication to the woman who brought him into the world, his mother, from whom he was separated for most of his developmental years.

Three years later, Shane O sports 11 tattoos, including a large tribal design with his own name on his left arm and the most recent being of his record label's logo, SOR.

But the STAR of the Month admits that despite having numerous tattoos, he is not happy that he has them.

"Mi vex seh mi even do it," Shane O explained to The STAR. "Mi nuh think mi want fi get anymore."

With many tattoo lovers, the reasons for getting a permanent mark of something has to do with life changes or to may even tell a story.

But the Anything Ah Anything deejay says his tattoos tell no stories.

Aside from his name tattoo, which he says is his favourite, the deejay's arm also has intricate designs with symbols akin to a winged character, a heart and microphone.

These are seen on some of the artwork for singles such as Last Days. As it relates to the meaning, he was unable to share.

"See how mi a seh mi nuh plan fi get anymore? When I reach in the states you can never know what will happen," he said.

The tattoos are not done by any specific artist whose work he respects or has seen.

Plus, he usually gets the tattoos during spur-of-the-moment visits to a salon.

"Them time deh mi did just like it still, but mi nuh like it again just wanted to put on some," he admitted.

When THE STAR asked Shane O if he would pay for laser removal of the tattoos he said, "I would pay to remove them, who know, probably mi will do it soon too."

For now, like his dramatic hairstyles, the tattoos are part of his signature style.

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