Fletcher’s Land, an authentic backdrop for video shoots

June 22, 2018
Members of the Fletcher's land community come out to view and show support for music video production.
Shady Squad's Conroy Richards dances as RD Studios director and founder, Ruption, focuses on capturing every move.
Brightly painted Fletcher's Land welcome sign sending messages of peace, love and unity.
Shyreka's cookshop is a popular lunch spot inside Fletcher's Land.


Whether it's the non-stop bass seeping through the speakers of CD salesman's cart, or the music from a small sound system set-up at a bar, there is always something musical happening any time of the day inside the downtown community of Fletcher's Land.

Local artistes used to pass through often for the regular street dance, Dutty Fridaze, that in the past would lock off the next morning.

Persons could be seen departing from the various lanes up to 8 a.m. on a successful staging.

Music industry veterans Whitfield 'Witty' Henry and the late Gregory Isaacs are also known to have either been born or spent their childhood years in the community.

It has been said that dances such as Skip To Ma Lou and Hop Scotch were created right there, attracting dancers and recording artistes alike.

Now, Fletcher's Land is becoming a hot spot for music video shoots and capturing the attention of local and international directors.

Kalado and Pamputtae are two of many artistes who have recorded music videos within the community and the residents continue to show support by coming out to watch, opening the doors to their homes for the entertainers to record or just to get a quick picture or video to remind them of the occasion.

"The community is still the same lively energy whether or not artistes are around but the residents love it because it can only mean good especially for youth like me weh want to be in entertainment," said 16-year-old Richard Pinnock.

Another teenager, Antwoine Davis, added that seeing music videos being done in Fletcher's Land is not new to them and you will find that persons will come out to see if they can be a part of it or just to lend a helping hand.

The most recent video shoot happened last Wednesday with RD Studios taking the lead on directing a production that would reflect the authentic backdrop of reggae and dancehall.

International producer Jonny Blaze told The WEEKEND STAR he was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of the residents who supported the team for the entire shoot and said they lived up to the messages promoting peace, love and unity plastered from the welcome sign to the walls.

"There are no issues or violence at all, which sometimes inner-city communities get negatively labelled for," Jonny Blaze said.

What's more, the visitors, recording artistes and production team enjoyed the flavourful offerings from a cook shop on the corner of North Street and Love Lane that has been feeding residents for over 30 years.

"No man," Kadie-ann Brown, lead hairstylist on the set exclaimed. "Shyreka outdo herself wid di fried chicken and cow foot gravy."

The cook, Shyreka Linton is known for making the best cow foot that even if it's not your usual meal choice, you will want to try the gravy.

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