Samantha J, Gyptian create ‘Picture’ perfect production

June 22, 2018
Samantha J gets deep in to the music as she records a scene for her new video.
Gyptian caught on set of new video for single.
Director, Damanic Green of Damaniac Visualz gives directions on the set of Picture.

Samantha J and Gyptian have come together with Silver Birds Records for a dynamic Caribbean collaboration titled 'Picture'.

The artistes never worked together on a musical project but having met before. Samantha J said that she was over the moon to have her voice with Gyptian's on a track. It was a similar response from the Hold Yuh singer.

He said, "Silver Birds Records set the link; I was looking for a young sensation and Samantha J came up, and we both agreed that we had to do something that would be appealing to both of our fans."

Silver Birds Records producers, Junior 'Chambah' Stevens and Dean Barnett have produced for Canada-based artiste Kim Kelly for her single Alive, featuring Vybz Kartel; and Vershon's recently released Champion Queffa; and Sex Slave by Kalado; among others.

Their rhythms, though created on the computer, have the matchless element of the steel drum sound.




Upon hearing the original rhythm, Samantha J immediately thought it wanted a little bit of reggaeton flavour.

"Picture is all about being flirty and that's what the sound had to be; it's about a man seeking after me and expecting me to send him pictures," Samantha J said.

Damanic Green of Damaniac Visualz said timing factored into the entire production, with Samantha J doing her thing abroad and Gyptian always flying from country to country.

"We had to be creative with the time, from morning into the late-night scenes," he said. "It has that feel as I would say, 'it cross enuh', an international appeal, so it couldn't be a normal video."

All the scenes were shot in less than 24 hours around Kingston and included the backdrop of a popular Airbnb spot in the Barbican area.

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