Busy Signal in 'full groove' this time around - Delivers complete set at NY show

June 28, 2018
Busy Signal during his performance at Groovin In The Park, held at Roy Wilkins Park in New York on Sunday.

"Don't look at music like something you getting paid to do, artistes are there to perform for the people," Busy Signal told The STAR following his one-hour set at Groovin' In The Park last Sunday.

The One More Night deejay said it was unfortunate having to perform right before international superstar R Kelly in 2017.

Not only did he have to rush his set which was supposed to be 90 minutes, but it was cut short only 14 minutes into his performance.

"That is one of the reasons I opted to perform earlier in the show this year and it worked out for the better," he said. "No ego thing, but I was one of the main persons people came out to see last year, since the US Embassy had just given me back travel documents the January."

Groovin' In The Park was the first performance after not having a US visa for a long time, so his parents and grandmother were all there and it did not go as planned.

So this year his mother returned to make certain he got his full contract worth of performing, dubbed Unfinished Business.

Busy Signal stepped out on the stage in his white and silver outfit, sporting a suave haircut and hypnotised the female audience.




The entertainer was able to perform most of his hits and had the diaspora inside Roy Wilkins Park waving flags high halfway through as he sang Jamaica Love.

He even surprised the audience with a remix of Eminem's Lose Yourself with These Are The Days that had persons in awe at the smooth live transition.

Of the 'remix', he said it was done "in remembrance of the 15-year-old boy that was killed in Bronx the other day," referring to Lesandro 'Junior' Guzman-Feliz.

The entertainer said that he is hoping the pairing of the two tracks showed the audience that now is the time for strength, to build up each other.

"It's not a money thing for me, the fans are the most important part of the show; if nobody show up and you get your money it nuh feel good to perform for an empty park," said Busy Signal.