STAR of the Month: Shenseea is not football crazy

July 02, 2018

The 2018 FIFA World Cup has caught recording artiste Shenseea doing the same things she has been doing since she burst on to the music scene a few years ago. She has been recording and touring. And unlike her manager, Romeich Major, who spends a lot of time watching the football matches and posting to social media, Shenseea couldn't care less who wins, draws or loses.

"I do not take football seriously. I am a 'waggonist'," Shenseea told THE STAR.

The admission by the STAR of the Month that she has not been following the World Cup comes at a time when it appears that more and more women are watching the 'beautiful game'. In the UK, for example, a study found that the current generation of women is following events in Russia more closely than previous generations.

"When it comes on to the [World Cup] matches, any side I start out supporting, once they get eliminated, I go straight to the leading or famous team. Let's just say that whichever team wins is my team," she said.

The Nothing Dem Nuh Have Ova Mi singjay bears no pretences about the World Cup. She does not have a favourite football player, but she has an athlete of choice.

"Usain Bolt is my all-time favourite athlete. I always get excited to see him run; the length between him and his opponents is just amazing each time," Shenseea said.


Enjoys cricket


Oddly, Shenseea enjoys watching a game of cricket - a sport that lasts hours or even days.

"I love to watch cricket in person," she said.

Shenseea is not particularly up to date with the points standing in the current World Cup but can

always count on the Romeich Entertainment team to let her know what is happening in Russia. The recording artiste has spent this past weekend, a time when some of the biggest matches are being played, preparing for shows in Dominica, St Lucia and Martinique this month.

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