STAR of the Month: Motherhood is bliss for Shenseea

July 18, 2018
Shenseea and two-year-old son Rajeiro.

No two days are typically the same for Shenseea, and it is not because of her career in the music industry.

As the mother of a two-year-old boy, she has had to remain active, even on days when all she wants to do is rest.

"My biggest challenge is definitely having to leave him for long periods of times; Rajeiro is my companion," said Shenseea. "It can be so difficult to leave part of yourself."

Like many mothers, she has had scares, including him almost being hit by a vehicle.

"If I ever think about something happening to my son, I instantly break down," she said.

While the STAR of the Month is travelling, her aunt (who was responsible for raising her) takes over.

"Being away often means I have to find the best caregiver, especially to provide that type of protection, and that is my aunt. I am familiar with her standards, since she is the one who grow me and made me the outspoken person I am," she said.

Shenseea is also very strict, but does not believe in harsh punishments.

She said, "I will slap my son on his hand if needed, but once him hear the tough, rough voice, him will listen."

One of the aforementioned standards she speaks of is the importance of school and learning.

She said teaching him is an absolute must outside of the classroom; that is something her aunt instilled in her as a child.

"My aunt used to teach me privately and when I am away, she will revise words with Rajeiro every day, and I do the same when I am here. She even came up with the idea to print flash cards for him. Raising him intellectually, she takes responsibility for that," said Shenseea.

She believes old-fashion teaching is the most effective for her son, even though he has a tablet.

"It (the old-fashion way) works better than all that technology stuff," she said.

The dancehall singjay created a social media page for her son after posting a public question for fans to advise if she should.

"Sometimes it's hard to manage two pages, because I want to be able to be on my page and say, 'look at my baby'. At the same time, I can't post a lot of photos or videos on my page about family, because it's for business," she said.