Miss Universe Jamaica ready to represent island

August 29, 2018
Miss Universe Jamaica Emily Maddison (centre) flanked by runners-up Khadejah Anderson (left), Miss Grand Jamaica, and Kayla Smith, Miss Intercontinental Jamaica.
Emily Maddison

Miss Universe Jamaica Emily Maddison says that winning the crown at last Friday's grand coronation still feels surreal.

The 19-year-old beauty, who copped four sectional prizes on her way to the title, said she plans to use her platform to learn all she can from the experiences she is bound to have on her new journey.

The new queen says she is looking forward to all the challenges that come with the Miss Universe Jamaica platform and hopes to represent Jamaica to the best of her abilities.

"When you see what lies ahead with this perspective, a lot of questions come to your mind like, 'What's the solution?', 'What can I learn?', 'What have I learnt already which could help me to face this?' In my understanding that everything is a challenge, I've become more positive and peaceful," she explained. "With that, there's no time for emotions to affect whatever you're faced with and so you're always moving forward. I plan to learn and absorb all I can do so that I can put my best foot forward on that international stage to do a proper service to our nation."

Maddison had plenty of support on crowning night, but she recounts the moments with her grandmother afterwards among the best.

The newly minted queen said that her grandmother was very instrumental in her quest to the title, and said she was happy that she could witness her in action.


"It took a couple seconds to sink in (the win). Then I saw grandma in the crowd, and I completely broke down," she said. "Knowing how proud she was, I was happy I was able to give her that memory after how much she has sacrificed for me."

Speaking about her own personal sacrifices and that of the other contestants in the competition, Maddison praised the pageant organisers for the part they played in helping to mould each young woman.

She said that every contestant, whether they walked away with a title or not, left the competition stronger and more focused than they were before.

"I highly commend the organisation on how they focused mainly on our individual growth and self development and empowerment. I truly believe we have all left this competition better than we entered and more adept to whatever path we take," she said.

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