Lybran fires lyrical shots at Labba Labba


September 08, 2018
Labba Labba

Dancehall artiste Lybran is firing shots in his new song 'Labba Labba'.

The track is aimed at the dancer of the same name, who ranted about the death of famed dancer Bogle and who he thought was


"Some people say some unnecessary things sometimes to get attention or for whatever the reason. That is why I decided to drop this track; some people talk too much," said Lybran.

Earlier this year, in a video that quickly went viral, Labba Labba accused Beenie Man of being behind the murder of Bogle in 2005.

Labba Labba later said he was intoxicated when he made the comments and apologised to Beenie Man for implicating him.

The track has been creating quite a stir in the dancehall and has garnered him international attention as well. Using his comedy, wit and his natural talent to appeal to his fans, he has confidently secured himself a place on the music scene with this release.

Labba Labba is produced by his long-time friend and producer Deano Dean.

Lybran, whose real name is Lamon Cousins, has captivated local and some international audiences with hits such as Rum Talk Part 1 and Rum Talk Part 2, and Not Even A Dolla.

Labba Labba is available for streaming and download on most digital platforms online.

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