Truustar ready to make big impact

September 12, 2018

Lionel Town-born artiste Truustar is looking to make an impact in the music industry that will see his legacy transcending music.

"I am focused on creating a brand and when I am at a peak, I will then start businesses and brands. Dancehall and reggae only has one mogul, and that's the late Bob Marley, and that is the legacy which I want to leave as well," said Truustar.

The recording artiste, who recently changed his name from Jah Cleve, is seeking to make an impact with four songs Wine, Dweet, Nah Go be The Same and Bubble.

He told The STAR that he is trying to make his mark on the music industry and is hoping to do so by saturating the space with his work.


Positive feedback


"I'm getting a lot of positive feedback with my new songs. They have been doing very well. My team and I are putting a lot of promotion behind them, and it's paying off. Several DJs are playing me locally and abroad, and we just have to work hard until the inevitable breakthrough becomes a reality," he said.

The artiste, has a number of other projects in the pipeline, including his debut EP, which is slated to be released in coming months.

"I'm currently working with several producers and I do my own productions as well. I am an hardcore dancehall artiste, but I might add a few tracks with different musical flavours. The music is coming together nicely, and I just want the youth to believe in themselves and put in the work until you get that break. People might wonder why I am promoting four songs at once. Well, it's the technological era, and information is fast-paced, so musically, we have to keep up," he said.

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