Show the struggles, too - I-Octane wants artistes to share all sides of their journey

September 13, 2018
Destiny Sparta
Gussie Clarke

Artistes are being encouraged to share all aspects of their journey in the music industry. This comes after a post that was made by entertainer I-Octane garnered attention and huge support from industry players.

The singjay, who has always been vocal about his journey in the music industry, expressed that entertainers who only share their successes on social media are sending the wrong message to up-and-coming artiste.

In the video, I-Octane explained that while it is OK to gloat about one's achievements, entertainers should show the 'ugly' side of the industry more often.

"As an artiste and yuh successful, that great. Highlight yuh things dem, that is your right, it's good," he said. "But what about highlighting the journey? In other words, highlight the preparation because we have people weh we inspire globally ... people feel like we get things overnight. So when dem see the journey and the preparation, dem will know it's not an overnight thing."




Artiste-turned-producer Esco agreed with Octane's reasoning. He explained that it is important for artistes to show their struggles as it will highlight the complexities of the industry.

"It's a wise statement. As artistes, we complain about the industry being saturated, and we don't realise that we water down the process by not showing people how much we put into it. So, a man feel like him can become an artiste by doing some small thing," he said. "They don't see the struggle, the training, the mistakes. They don't see the countless hours in the studio and the behind the scenes work."

Destiny Sparta shared similar sentiments.

"It is very important because a lot of people see the lifestyle of successful artistes and admire and would like to enter the industry because of the perks, not knowing how hard it is. Sleepless nights in the studio, a whole lot of disappointments and closed doors. It's sweat, heartache, and pain before these doors finally open," she said. "Showing the process will help to encourage and motivate others to stay strong, persistent and persevere, and just do your best until it's hard for people to ignore you."

Veteran producer Gussie Clarke said that people are more attracted to success and believes some artistes use their achievements as encouragement. But he believes that for people to respect the industry for what it is good and bad, both aspects need to be highlighted.

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