Jada Kingdom's Banana exciting fans

September 21, 2018
Jada Kingdom
Jada Kingdom
Jada Kingdom

Fast-rising star Jada Kingdom's most recent track, 'Banana', has led to the creation of a 'banana challenge'. In addition, the song has seemingly fuelled a love for the fruit which is rich in potassium.

The banana challenge requires participants to creatively express their sexual desires in song. Banana is used to represent the male sexual organ.

Jada Kingdom told THE WEEKEND STAR that she never expected the challenge to take on the life it has on social media.

"Banana hasn't even been out for two months yet, but this has certainly helped it to grow, for sure. It's started to get played at Boasty Tuesdays, Day Rave, Weddi Weddi, all over now. Boom Boom, Randy Rich and Hotta Rice really a support it in the streets," she said.

"I didn't start the challenge, it happened organically. My manager, Julian, dropped the instrumental on his SoundCloud and a fan by the user name @faatal_kvng on Instagram started it, and it just took off from there. People are posting verses every minute and bloggers are reposting. Some of the actual verses themselves have gone viral and got like 200K views. It's been crazy," Kingdom told THE WEEKEND STAR.

For the most part, the feedback surrounding the song has been positive. However, as some of the 'refixes' gain attention, some social media users have said their lyrics have sexual overtone. Gospel artiste Chozenn, for example, suggested that the banana challenge may be heightening the sexual senses of listeners. He said that instead of promoting 'banana', Kingdom should be promoting the 'fruits of the spirit'.




However, Kingdom said that those who see the song and the challenge as anything more than harmless fun are way too serious.

"Banana is a fun, suggestive song. It's far from aggressive, it's just a vibe. It's a very prudish and negative point of view to look at the challenge as anything other than fun, in my opinion," she said.

"Sexual lyrics have been out there long before me and it will still be, long after me. The challenge is out there for people to sing what they want, expressing themselves in fun and creative ways."

Kingdom said the challenge has given many persons a platform to display their talent.

"There are videos of people actually singing some of the challenges that were posted which is crazy as well as it's helping unknown talent get exposure, which is amazing. That's the best part for me, being able to help young talent get a platform."

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