Influential warns artistes about social media use

October 19, 2018

Reggae artiste Influential is issuing a warning to his colleagues in his latest single.

In the track Pan Di Live, the entertainer urges fellow artistes to be wary of how they use social media, particularly Instagram Live.

The artiste said the song has been receiving positive feedback as listeners agree that some entertainers are doing a little too much on social media.

He said he believes that as persons of influence, artistes should be using social media to set good examples.

"Social media is there to link the world and is supposed to be used for positive things. On a day-to-day basis, all I see is persons of influence messing up social media," he said. "Many of them can't handle themselves well in public, and to me, social media is a public space. When you post too much, you allow some foolishness to seep in at some point, but when you take time out to think about what you post, you will post less and with sense."

Declaring his disappointment in some entertainers, particularly Foota Hype, LA Lewis, Khago, Dr Love and Tony Matterhorn, Influential believes that artistes should stay off Instagram Live unless the content they plan to post has substance.

"We affi learn to control what we put out there because people are looking up to us as artistes. If we think people not watching and following us, we better think again," he said.

The artiste said he believes that the song has ruffled a few feathers, especially because he is specific about some of the persons he believes have been abusing social media.

He said he has been getting some anonymous phone calls from persons demanding that he remove the song from YouTube.

He is not perturbed, however, pointing out that the calls are an indication that the song rings true.

"I don't tell one lie in this song; all of Jamaica see and know what's going on. If the song hurt you, it's because you are one of those doing to much on social media," he said.

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