DJ Khaled in land of his 'brother' Buju - First J'can visit after 12 years raises possibility of collab

December 17, 2018
DJ Khaled in a motor vehicle with his family, driving away from the Norman Manley International Airport last week.
Errol Crosby/Photographer DJ Khaled shortly after arrivingf at the Norman Manley International Airport yesterday afternoon.
Nicole, DJ Khaled's wife, and their son Asahd at the Norman Manley International Airport yesterday afternoon.


DJ Khaled has never hidden his love for Jamaica and has always supported Jamaican artistes, but it took 12 years for him to take a trip back to the country. Speculation is rife that his current visit is due to a top secret project he's about to embark on with freshly freed deejay, Buju Banton.

Khaled, his wife Nicole and their son, Asahd, arrived in Kingston yesterday afternoon on a private aircraft at the Norman Manley International Airport. He did not go into details about the purpose of his visit, but if the shirt he sported to make the trek to Kingston was anything to go by, it's almost certain the internationally renowned producer will be meeting with Buju during his stay here. DJ Khaled sported a black sweatshirt with Buju Banton's face on the front and his name boldly emblazoned across the image.

And if his attire was not enough to convince the masses that a meeting between the two is imminent, Khaled called Buju his "brother", and welcomed him home as he briefly greeted the press at the airport.

"I'm home, I'm home," he said. "Father of Asahd in Kingston. Buju welcome home. That's my brother. Welcome home, Jah bless," he said before joining his wife and son in a waiting vehicle.




DJ Khaled has always supported Jamaican artistes. Sizzla, Bounty Killer and Buju Banton are entertainers he has consistently shown an interest in working with. So far, he has only done work with Sizzla, who provided the opening track for his most recent album, Grateful, which was released last year.

Specific details about Khaled's visit are yet to be revealed to the press. However, with his album Father of Asahd due to be released in 2019, news has already begun to circulate that Buju may very well be part of the project. It is also unclear at this time if Khaled will play any part in Buju's world tour being planned for 2019. Buju Banton is expected to embark on the Long Walk To Freedom tour. It is believed that the first concert on the tour will be in Jamaica in March.

Buju was released from the US Federal prison on December 7. Since his release, he has received an outpouring of love from the local and international music fraternity.

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