Notnice hosts contest for young talents to be featured on album

January 08, 2019
Producer Notnice

Producer Notnice will be giving two aspiring artistes (one male and one female) a chance to be featured on his upcoming album Kyng Midas.

The producer, who has always prided himself on moulding young talent, said that the project is poised to do great things upon its release, and he wanted to give up-and-coming artistes a platform to showcase their talent.

For the competition, interested persons are being asked to submit a video of themselves performing an original song on the rhythm provided by Notnice Records. The rhythm can be found on his website and is available for download. The top 10 videos will be selected, and the one with the most views will get the chance to be featured on the album.

The female competition is currently under way, and the male competition will begin once the winner of the female competition has been selected.

To ensure that the best talent is selected, Notnice will make the ultimate decision.

"This is a quality project, so I want to make sure the best of the best makes it on to the album. I was thinking that sometimes on social media, the one with the most views is not always the best one, so what will happen is that I will ultimately choose the winner. But the person that obtains the most views will still get recorded," he said.


Young talent


Highlighting how important it is for those in the industry to usher in new talent, the producer said that he would do all he could to ensure that young talent gets the exposure they need.

"Most of these upcoming artistes always see me as some kind of saviour, and me always ask dem why dem nuh link other producers the way dem link me, and dem always say is because there is no producer out there weh dem see a work wid young talent," he said.

"Dem say the producers out there always a look fi voice the top artistes, and me actually take upcoming artistes and turn dem into somebody. Over the years, I've worked with a number of artistes, and none a dem a nuh flop artistes."

Notnice explained that there is a meaning behind the name of the album.

"Most of the artistes, even though some of dem nah go admit it or even give yuh credit, most of them, a me help dem. Everybody know the story of King Midas weh everything him touch turn into gold. Dat is really the idea behind the title of the album," Notnice said.

He has not decided on a release date for the album, but he is currently looking at May.

"I'm trying for the end of May because my birthday is the 18th, and I want to do like a listening party-birthday celebration thing. Nothing loud, just some invited guests, and thing," he said.

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