Jada Kingdom bares all on Instagram - Opens up about mental issues

January 09, 2019
Jada Kingdom


Recording artiste Jada Kingdom bared her soul in a 'tell-all' question-and-answer session on her Instagram page yesterday.

The artiste, who has been coming under heavy criticism recently, addressed several issues, including living with bi-polar disorder.

In a post prior to the question-and-answer segment, Kingdom revealed that she has tried to hold it together over the past few months, but expressed that the harsh blows by the media had caused her to come forward and address certain things.

"I am trying hard not to break but being strong gets tiring especially for someone like me. Do not follow up any negative s**t you see over the media about me, because that's all that ever gets promoted, the bad or the lies, never the good or the truth," she wrote. "These people try to use my disorders against me all the time and they try to tear me down, as if I wouldn't notice. I am not crazy."

Following that post, the entertainer then answered questions from fans where she admitted that she suffers from anxiety.


Symptoms come seasonally


The Banana singer revealed that she first discovered she was bi-polar when she was about age 15 or 16.

"I always knew something was wrong with me but I wasn't aware of what it was. I didn't understand it but I do now and I'm still learning about it," she said.

She further explained that as part of the bi-polar disorder, she sometimes suffers from depression, amnesia, insomnia, appetite loss, multiple personalities, passive aggression, among other things.

She explained that the symptoms come seasonally and are unpredictable but can be controlled.

When asked whether or not she still takes her medication, the entertainer said the treatment actually makes her symptoms worse.

She explained that the medication increases her suicidal thoughts and she sometimes gets more aggressive.

She also explained that the treatment causes her to sleep when she doesn't want to and insinuated that her choice of career had something to do with why she stopped taking her medication. "Imagine me in the studio recording and just dose off," she said.

The entertainer also spoke about being raped at age 14 and expressed that may have triggered her bi-polar disorder.

She added that as part of her regaining control of her body again, she started her swimwear line to remind herself and others that their body is their 'kingdom'.

When contacted by The STAR team, a member of Kingdom's management team said the question-and-answer segment was a last-minute thing that allowed the artiste to get some things off her chest before turning her focus completely to music.

Kingdom was recently made the face of streaming service Tidal's 'Rising' playlist for the dancehall/reggae genre.

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