Minister Save on soul-saving mission

February 22, 2019
Minister Save
Contributed Minister Save

Minister Save admits that life as a secular artiste was easier, but he is not looking back.

The 39-year-old is currently promoting the single Blessing Mi, which is set to appear on his debut gospel album Gospellization, to be released next year.

His mantra is "winning souls", which he hopes to do with this body of work, to be produced by his S.M.M.R production label.

"I'm targeting everyone because the message haffi reach everyone, so it's gonna be a fusion of reggae, dancehall, soul, EDM, rap and R&B music," Minister Save told WEEKEND STAR.

His eclectic taste in music is no coincidence. He said he has travelled the four corners of the Earth ghostwriting for some of the biggest names in music, who he is unable to name because of contractual agreements.

Even though he abandoned the secular lifestyle five years ago after receiving a vision from God, Minister Save still wants credit for his work.

"I am a great ghostwriter on the secular side, and I have done a lot, but there is no respect. I should get credit 'cause money is still owed to me," he said. "I have not sought legal action. I spoke to my pastor, and in the Bible, it says you must not send one to court, just leave it and let God deal with it."

Under his former moniker, Scorpion, he released tracks like Dead for Hungry, Devil King (a diss track targeted at Beenie Man) and Dark-Skinned Girl, self-produced projects which he said received fair rotation on radio.

He cited some of his earlier influences as Capleton, Spragga Benz, Bounty Killer, and Shabba Ranks.

Since converting to Christianity, Minister Save, whose given name is Ralston Myers, said the journey has been riddled with obstacles.

"It has been challenging because I haven't been accepted since I was doing secular before; it takes time for people to accept you," he said. "Just accept me. I am not here for publicity or hype, I am just here to sing unto God, and wherever that takes me, I'm good. The music will keep me motivated and God is always with me, so I keep on praying."

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