Mr Lexx wants track featured in ‘Bad Boys 3’ movie

July 05, 2019
Mr Lexx
Mr Lexx

Veteran dancehall entertainer Mr Lexx has reached out to the production companies involved in the making of the movie ' Bad Boys for Life', asking that his song, ' Bad Boys', be considered as the soundtrack for the movie.

The song is a collaboration with Colombian deejay collective El Freaky, which was recorded and released in 2016. The track has surfed huge waves within the Latin market and was even featured in a commercial campaign for the Nuovo FIAT 500s car.

"There is a good chance that it will be used in the new Bad Boys movie because it has that sound and energy; plus, it is a song that has topped the charts in Colombia," Mr Lexx told THE WEEKEND STAR.

No stranger to the film industry, Mr Lexx, says that music is fundamental in adding life to a story on the screen. Before getting a break in the music industry in the '90s, the entertainer exercised his drama and dance skills, which he would end up using in 2010 when he acquired a small role in Wah Do Dem, an American independent film about a white man who wins a Caribbean cruise that takes him to Jamaica, where he meets several characters, including musicians. His single Every Day was also a part of the soundtrack.

"I can't say that I have an acting career, but film is something I like to explore every now and again," the Full Hundred artiste told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The year after the release of Wah Do Dem, Mr Lexx joined seasoned actors Oliver Samuels and Paul Campbell on screen in another short film called Out The Gate.

"I love music too much, and even though I think about being an actor, music is where my heart is and what I would love is more prospects for my songs to be featured in films," he said.

"Film and music go hand in hand, and the local film industry has provided a lot of opportunities for Jamaican artistes to further their reach. unfortunately, it is also expensive for both local and international producers to do their films here."

In addition to the film market, Mr Lexx is also anticipating that his mixtape The Prince will ride the waves of success in the music industry and contribute to the exposure of his music to the various entertainment platforms and industries across the globe.

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